Comfortable apartments

At Hotel Conrad we also have apartments that are rented out to firms by the month. They have furniture and bi-weekly cleaning service. The apartments have kitchens or kitchenettes, television and free broad band Internet connection. The cleaning service also includes changing bed linen and towels.

The apartments are renovated as needed, and so look very different. Some are very modern, and others not so modern.

All buildings have separate laundry rooms.

The apartments

All our buildings are located in central Karlskrona

Västra Vittusgatan 5 20 apartments
Västra Köpmansgatan 14 12 apartments
Hantverkargatan 15 22 apartments


We have everything from small one room apartments with a kitchenette, to large, newly renovated ones with kitchens. Most large apartments are located on Västra Vittusgatan 5. In the house next to Hotel Conrad there are nice one and two room apartments. On Hantverkargatan there are mostly single room apartments with kitchenettes, but also two one room apartments with kitchens and a two room apartment with a kitchenette.


The prices vary with the condition of the apartment

Single room w kitchenette

Single room w kitchen

Single room w double bed

Two room apartment w kitchen

Three room apartment w kitchen

Contact Hotel Conrad for further details.


Time frame:

The apartments are primarily rented out by the month. Depending on availability they are also possible to rent by the night. To rent by the night the minimum stay is 14 days.

Rent by the month and pay for either entire or half month when you move in and move out. The break is the 15 of each month. Example: A whole month’s rent is paid if you move in between the 1st and the 14th of the month. If you move in after the 15th you only pay a half month’s rent. At most there are two weeks notice when you want to leave the apt.

The apartments are highly sought after. For availability, please contact Hotel Conrad at