Hotel Facts

Hotel Aston is conveniently located by the pedestrian street

Hotel Aston is situated in the middle of central Karlskrona, right where the pedestrian street begins. It is close to many locations such as shops, museums and restaurants. The Hotel occupies the third and fourth floors, giving it a quiet atmosphere despite its central location. In the dining room, you can enjoy the view of Karlskronas pedestrian street.

Aston has been referred to as the ”submarine hotel”, since all the reporters lived here when the Soviet submarine U-137 ran aground in the Karlskrona archipelago. The dining room contains a few pictures from the event. Hotel Aston has had many long time resident residents, some of which show up in the rest of the paintings hanging in the hotel. There are many pictures of sailors, who used to stay at the hotel while the local shipyard renovated their ships. In one hallway there is a large painting with various local subjects, painted by local artist Susanne Martin.

The Hotel has been renovated in several installments, making the rooms personal and in various styles. All the bathrooms have been renovated and been made larger, meaning that some rooms have disappeared and more double rooms have been created. In Aston as well we have enlisted the aid of the local decorating firm “The Home Company”. The collaboration has resulted in exciting and varied solutions, with modern furniture and classic materials. When the corner room on the second floor was renovated, it was made almost entirely in white, making it very harmonious.

When you make your reservation you are free to request where you would like to stay.

In the lobby, as well as in all of the rooms, there is free wireless Internet connection for our guests.

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